Anonymous feedback is honest feedback

  • Think about it. When you're faced with a clipboard-wielding survey-taker, you're more inclined to be polite and hold back your true feelings.
  • Take the survey-taker out of the equation, and you're presented with a whole new ball game. Your customers are left to tell you what they honestly feel about your service and the staff member they're rating, without feeling judged.
  • Give and you shall receive. Make it easy for customers to give feedback, and you'll receive loads of it - quickly and easily.

KPA / KPI tools - what they are and why they matter

  • A key performance indicator(KPI) is a metric used to evaluate factors that are critical to the success of your business. To us, the most important KPI is a customer loyalty metric.
  • Service Reports are a great tool to measure staff Key Performance Areas. These indicators(or KPI's) are standards that staff must meet. We can measure the following valuable examples of KPI's:
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Time spent on certain tasks
    • Customer throughput
    • Customer satisfaction vs. throughput

Ongoing performance management

  • Want to grow your business and achieve great customer service? Use our reporting to continuously manage and nurture excellent customer experience.
  • Set benchmarks and motivate staff and departments to compete with one another.
  • Managers can coach staff daily, and once a week managers can compare the improvements they've seen.

What is Service Systems?

A simple, accurate and affordable way to monitor and improve customer experiences, to help you become a CX Ninja!

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