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Service Systems is a consumer service management and rating platform that offers wireless technology solutions for Customer Service Feedback and surveys, as well as Linear (Retail) and Ticket-Based Virtual Queue Management Systems. We offer real-time data on customer service and satisfaction levels, staff performance, as well as general operational & analytical feedback.
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Queue Management

We offer the first South African designed, developed and manufactured Virtual and Snake Queue Management Systems.

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Customer Satisfaction

Telus offers a variety of solutions to gather valuable customer satisfaction and experience Feedback as well as the voice of the customer, in-store.

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Our TEAM of customer experience ninjas


Supreme Ninja
Matt is our team leader and is seriously passionate about Customer Experience, making sure the business is running smoothly, while growing the customer base on a daily basis. He brainstorms new ideas and concepts helping them to become customer experience ninja’s!


Secret Samurai
Pete is Matt’s right-hand man and is a master black belt at everything Service Systems. He oversees key accounts and communicates with execs, and dabbles in graphic design, marketing, and operational optimisation.


Execution Samurai
Terence gets everything done with ninja-like precision! He deals with new and existing clients alike. He runs a tight dojo and makes sure every customer gets the best experience from us!


Digital Assassin
QJ plans, executes and maintains all our digital and social marketing. Telling the world who we are, what we’re about and what we’re up to! He has the most awesome job, talking to you!


Customer Zen Ninja
Nikita executes off-site support and continuous customer happiness! From setting up reports, to making any changes requested by clients. She also remotely assists the Wandering Warrior teams while they’re out and about!


Wandering Warrior
Dean is our Customer Liaison & Technician (Wandering Warrior) for the inland and Southern African areas. He is always on the move, flick-flacking from client to client making sure that all our systems are in tip-top condition!


Wandering Warrior
Greydon is our Customer Liaison & Technician (Wandering Warrior) for the coastal area. He is always on the move, somersaulting between clients, making sure that all our systems are operating fantastically!

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